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Keeping Customers Happy

Providing refund alternatives that empower merchants and keep customers satisfied.

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A Safe and Secure Refund Alternative

e-Refunds fulfils consumer refund requests though alternate payment methods. We quickly refund credit card payments, helping to ensure consumers experience the stellar customer service they deserve. Funds are returned to cardholders through safe and secure third-party payment networks.


Assisting Merchants

Providing exceptional customer service is important to online merchants. Sometimes, issues beyond your control can make that task difficult.

e-Refunds is a turnkey service that automatically responds to all refund requests. By appeasing cardholders, we help merchants avoid potential banking issues.


Assisting Consumers

Shopping online is a practice many of us can’t live without. However, the luxury of ecommerce can sometimes be overshadowed by unforeseen technical glitches.

If a merchant is unable to provide a traditional credit card refund, e-Refunds steps in. We make sure consumers promptly have access to the funds that are rightfully theirs.

About e-Refunds

e-Refunds was created as a customer service solution for merchants who are facing technical difficulties with their credit card processing bank accounts. Our services help ensure consumer demands are handled quickly, professionally, and safely. Merchants can work to resolve their banking dilemmas without the fear of additional issues resulting from neglected refund requests.