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How it Works

Helping Merchants in Their Time of Need

We help merchants provide refunds when traditional payment methods aren’t available. The services e-Refunds provides are designed to meet customer demands quickly and safely through their chosen method of reimbursement.


Working with Respected Payment Networks

e-Refunds works with respected, well-known digital wallets like PayPal, eWallet, Skrill and more.


Offering More Refund Options

We specializes in electronic reimbursements; but if you prefer a paper check, we’ll put one in the mail!

e-Refunds Communicates Openly and Honsestly

We want consumers to know exactly what’s going on. We also want to meet consumers’ needs in a way most convenient for them. That’s why we communicate openly and honestly.

e-Refunds attaches the following memo to all digital wallet transactions:

You have received an e-Refund from , in the amount of . This is for a refund that you were owed for . Please be advised that this refund is being sent to you because there was an error in processing your credit or debit card transaction. If you would prefer to receive a paper check, please do not redeem these funds and email support@e-refunds.net. If you do not have a digital wallet account, please follow the to redeem your funds so they can deposit to your bank or card directly.

Efficiently Meeting the Needs of Both Merchants and Consumers

e-Refunds was created as a customer service solution for merchants who are facing technical difficulties with their credit card processing bank accounts. Our services help ensure consumer demands are handled quickly, professionally, and safely. Merchants can work to resolve their banking dilemmas without the fear of additional issues resulting from neglected refund requests.